Filling station Bar and Cafe: Retro dine feels like in Riverdale

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Welcome to Filling Station Bar Cafe 

If you’re a huge fan of the teen drama “Riverdale” You must not missed this place when you visit Makati
Filling Station Bar Cafe would be your usual breakfast place in the morning or it can be your chil out bar at night! 

Took a time machine and found myself in the 50's!

A Neon-lit and nostalgic, a must to go places located at the busy city of Poblacion Makati that will definitely feels you’re in Pop Tate’s diner in the teen drama ‘Riverdale’ (This is really a mind blowing series and  Season 3 will be out this October 2018!) Filling Station Bar and Cafe has a lot to offer.

Elvis Presley, and their Bar Lounge

1959 Cadillac Eldorado (You can rent this car with your whole Barkada squad with 3k worth  consumable price)

Aside from its American diner vibe, you can also play billiards but its a "No DRINKS, NO PLAY"
The ceiling are full of vintage items 


The "Happy Hour Area"

Let's travel back to the 50’s era with vintage items including old telephone, vinyls, movie posters, gasoline pumps, and a 1959 Cadillac Eldorado even Elvis Presley and James Dean memorabilia, Moreover the checkerboard floor and booths are white and red, to complete its retro vibe even the servers are dressed up in american diner girl outfits.

Filling station has been popular recently due to its photogenic interiors and tasty American cuisines. As what you saw in american movies, people who love to travel long roads where they find pit stops to relax and have a bite for some burgers and refreshing milkshakes that are usually served in small diners. 
This frappe really kept me alive up all night! 

The old telephone,Vinyls and the CD tissue holder 

This Cheesy Pizza is their best seller and indeed must try 🤗

That "Busog na ako" pose

For Filling station Menus, you can visit their facebook page: 

And yeah, just a friendly reminder. I would highly recommend to bring your squad to dine here. Their dishes are quite pricey but they are usually good for 2-3 persons. 

This is also a perfect bar cafe with glowing neon lights perfect for your IG Feed and Neon lights in the busy street giving us that modern vibe. In addition to that, this is a 24hrs bar cafe. You definitely know where to go for your midnight cravings and scheming like Archiekins and the gang do. 

Me trying to experience the vibe #Checkerboard floor #Billiards 

 Me and My highschool bestfriend 
 My bestfriend look like mannequin here with Elvis Presley

That “Scripted stolen pose”
#Captionan mo
Thank you for today, My human diary.Thanks kahit puyat ka the nextday for work
50’s Movie Poster decorations in the wall (Don't Mind her lol)

Where are you my Jughead? :)

PS: To be honest, I really don't know how to commute to reach Filling Station Bar Cafe cos' i believe in the saying, if there's a "GRAB" there's a way! 

Address: 5012 P Burgos, Makati City
Telephone #: 02-897-2053

If you have any questions, just comment below :)

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